Born at Auch in france en 1956, I have lived and worked in Arcachon since 1994.

My career has been shaped by my Italian roots and reinforced by encounters made throughout my itinerant life.As a solitary person who is safe educated, I have since childhood, taken refuge in literature and the world of art.

Up until 1995, I worked in several different trades, mostly within the wine industry.Since then I have devoted all my time to painting.

I am intrested by the work of certain artists from the school of Nice, Arman, Gilli , Raysse and those of Supports/Surfaces ,above all Viallat, Pincemin.. but also others like François Rouan Simon Hantaï and Claude Lagoutte .

My technique has arisen from my taste for ancient books. I begin with the construction of my works on paper, I assemble many pages taken from old books which I paint ant then cut into pieces,to make my own .Little by little, calligraphy of writings has been essential for me, as a medium .

I explore and use many techniques:

Work on unrefined paper

maxpa5 My initial gait has been to combine two elements of interest, the painting and the support paper.

I therefore started to use as support some old books printed on Alfa,Velin, beautiful library papers,craft paper, antique maps, many many papers each with their own history all found by chance at antique markets.All the same I also work on plain white paper,which for technical reasons is not treated with acid.

The painting:

After placing my paper on the floor, I paint my initial work .It's then cut,teared, and reassembled according to my interpretation of light and depth.Working with paper crumpled, cut, and sometimes torn then re-assembled allows me to combine the intensity of colours and produce a work which has evolved with the light.


My first artistic gait has been to paint using gouache, then to cut, divide and reassemble the pieces in order to rebuild a work in a way which portrays my view of the colors and light.

The first paintings are composed of coloured pieces with blank white spaces in between, with overlaps and superpositions .P1050122

Little by little,my technique has evolved and the need to give texture and dimension to my design has required me to work the paper creased and worn.Above all I have been compelled to create my colours from pigments which I mix with an acrylic solvent.Since 2006, I also work with oil based paint which offers a wider choice of matter.

I use both natural and artificial pigments which are collected by myself while holidays or during travel abroad.

The cutting , the tearing and the fragmentation intervene, radom, accidental.Often I stop after this stage and leave the work to "macerate"for a while. I then return some days or even weeks later, which fresh ideas, and begin reassembly , rebuilding , rewriting maturely thought. Often I repeat this cycle several times .

My work is a relentless research and ancient writing I used as a medium are probably a way towards origins.